How you expand your consciousness, become happier and more influential
Heinz Krug has personally trained more than 150 people to quickly expand their consciousness and significantly improve their quality of life and influence. 
The brain software method
  • Full potential: You will be way happier. Other people perceive you as more competent and influential.
  • Exclusive results: You will exclusively reach an extraordinary level of silence, happiness, intuition and power.
  • Scientific system: Our method is theoretically founded and proven in practice.
  • ​​Globally unique: This high level of consciousness development can be achieved so easily and quickly only with us.  
Who is Heinz Krug?
Heinz Krug
Scientist, Technology Developer and Consciousness Expert
Already as a teenager I meditated regularly to improve my creativity and intuition, then took up the study of electrical engineering and studied physics in its depth. At the age of 19, during an internship at Siemens, I invented and patented a revolutionary new chip technology that is used in all computers today. The effect of meditation was so convincing that I became a meditation teacher in 1976. I had the rare opportunity to become a direct student and friend of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation and teacher of the Beatles. For 14 years I was able to explore scientifically the very details of consciousness development in personal exchange with him while finding self realisation.

With the abilities of my expanded consciousness I have researched and developed various technologies, such as advanced EEG measurement systems, artificial intelligence software, quantum properties of the brain, computer chip design, video conferencing technology and high performance computers. I have been working on these projects initially as a laboratory manager, then in governmental-funded initiatives and finally in self-established companies.

To find out why many of my meditating friends had not reached higher levels of consciousness as quickly as I had, I re-translated the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for over 7 years. This is how I found the formula for upgrading the brain software and thus a reliable access to expanded consciousness for everyone. I published this formula in 2017 together with the computer science professor Dr. Gerd Unruh in the book "Brain Software". The feedback from readers, conference and course participants showed me that the correct application of the formula is important. Therefore I offer a professional training program with Dr. Stefan Grasmugg since 2019. All participants of the 150+ trainings were able to quickly expand their consciousness with great enthusiasm while enjoying life-changing experiences of silence, happiness, intuition and power.

The 4 keys of consciousness

Each key opens another door to expand your consciousness and your abilities. 
Once you experience the next level, you'll never want to go back.

1. Silence

Reaching deep silence of thought through effective and simple meditation frees you from the mental hamster wheel. This is the key to improved health, more intelligence, creativity and fulfilling relationships.

2. Happiness

The short experiences of silence and happiness during meditation can be extended to the whole day with the second key. In this way every activity is accompanied by subtle inner happiness and life is playful, easy and effortless.

3. Intuition

The third key gives you access to intuitive knowledge that you can retrieve at will. With it you easily recognize and use upcoming chances and solve problems from all areas of life.

4. Power

With the fourth key you systematically open up the field of all possibilities. There are no more limits to your growth towards complete knowledge and extraordinary power.

What makes the people I train so successful?

Basically everything is pretty easy: Already during the training, my team and I use the full power of expanded consciousness - silence, happiness, intuition. This way our clients achieve the same power. For 95% of our customers, these are the most important success factors:

Reliable System

The brain software method delivers you consistent results.  More than 150 of our customers have successfully applied it.

Personal Guidance

I will guide you personally and take special care of your individual experiences. So you will receive 1:1 valuable feedback. 

Quick Implementation

Over many years I have optimized the method so that it can be taught in a short time and brings quick results. Development of consciousness in hours instead of years.

Simple Teaching Method

All instructions and trainings are designed to be easy to follow so that everyone can effortlessly and intuitively see what is important. Experiencing instead of taking notes.

Large Steps in Development

You can expect four significant steps in your consciousness development which you will very clearly experience: silence, happiness, intuition and power - without practicing life-long.

Gentle Transformation

The brain software method works so gentle and self-regulating that your nervous system and entire body adapt quickly and harmoniously to the newly acquired levels of consciousness.

Easy to Apply

The techniques are very easy to integrate into life and become an automatic habit in a short time. Enjoying instead of concentrating.

Inspiring Community

There are still very few people with high consciousness. Our regular online meetings with other powerful, inspiring participants enrich your life. 

Testimonials from our customers

Here are some examples of feedback that my customers have sent me, either via video message, in an interview or directly from our regular live calls.

A few words in advance on these testimonials:

1. These are all real customers of mine who honestly share their own personal experience. None of them has received anything in return for these reports.
2. I can show you and explain the keys to expanded consciousness, then you will have to unlock the doors yourself. The whole thing is very simple, but requires that you consistently apply the method in practice with my support.
3. You will generally only achieve the results described above if you clarify your situation with me in a free consultation and if I provide you with an individual step-by-step plan.

"This took about 1 ½ hours and then the new brain software was already installed. 
Switch on - sit back and enjoy."

Rolf Bieri
Entrepeneur - Bieri Haustechnik AG

"Little by little, this all-embracing unconditional love grows and everyone around me benefits."

Rosemarie Kausler-Heinz
Housewife & multiple mother

"It changed my world view. I have gained a deeper insight - no one has ever explained it as simply as that."

Urs Mantel
Multi-Supervisory Board  Member  

"Even in my stressful job I am now much clearer and calmer and can complete my tasks way better."

Sorayia Weibel

"Although I've been meditating for 15 years now, so much has changed since my upgrade. I am more than happy with the way things are going now."

Matthias Riesch
Software Developer

"This experience is priceless - and I wish it to all people!"

Doris Fritz
Coach, Trainer, Psychotherapist (HP)
Steps of your initial consultation
Since we receive so many requests every day, we implemented a simple procedure that takes care of all applicants and selects them for the next steps.
Step 1: Request
Please use our short contact form to request a consultation so that we can assess directly whether and how we can help you.

Duration: approx. 2 minutes
Step 2: Assessment
An expert from our team will analyse your current situation together with you. Accordingly Heinz can prepare in advance for you and your goals.

Duration: approx. 10 minutes
Step 3: Implementation plan 
Heinz elaborates together with you an individual step-by-step plan, so you can reach your goals safely and in a short time. 

Duration: approx. 45 minutes
The book "Brain Software"
The brain software method comes from the timeless Vedic knowledge that has successfully brought people to higher consciousness for thousands of years. The book "Brain Software" is the new translation of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, one of the standard Vedic works, into a computer-oriented language - with graphics, exercises and reports of experiences. Well-known concepts from computer technology make clear how new dimensions of performance can be activated and used in the brain.
The user of the brain software method achieves expanded consciousness by removing malware and developing his/her extraordinary abilities with simple key techniques. Among many other areas of life, silence, happiness, intuition and power are improved.

This book describes the brain software method in great detail and comprehensively. It is not a prerequisite for the consultation or training.
Our Office
I have bundled the activities on the topic of brain software with Dr. Stefan Grasmugg in the company Indigo Growth GmbH in Duesseldorf / Germany. Our mission is to train many people to discover and use the source of their unlimited power.
We are here for you every day: knowledge & inspiration in our FB group, free consultation sessions, personal training with long-term support. 95% of our clients choose personal online training to get started quickly and integrate it well into their own daily lives - without having to travel. Alternatively we offer trainings in selected hotels in Southern Germany.

Our location at the end of the KOE – the famous shopping mall in Duesseldorf, Germany
If you want to upgrade and significantly expand your consciousness, then let's talk and figure out your next steps!
Please note: Physically we are unfortunately not able to serve more than a handful of clients and deliver these results.
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